mutherfudger_stickerHello dear reader,

This blog was originally created as a place for me to stash recipes that I have tried and liked, recipes I have created or tweaked and want to share, or just a means to show off things I have made. Having them in one place makes it easier for me to find them should I want to make them again, or to share them with friends.

I have always loved to bake, and have done since a child. In the last few years, I found that I have picked it up again, and it has turned into a real hobby. To me, baking is a stress relief, and my natural state is covered in flour. I love trying new recipes and learning new techniques. Of course, getting to eat some tasty treats is always a bonus.

I love food, and making great tasting meals is always a pleasure – better still if I can share this with my family. I feel it is important to use good quality ingredients and where possible, I try and use British and/or Organic produce.

This desire for quality organic ingredients spurred me on to growing a few of my own veggies. My husband and I built some raised beds in the back garden. There has been successes and failures due to the weather, and the fact that the garden is north facing ( yeah, I know – what was I thinking?).

All my recipes use ingredients – not mixes, unless its a spice mix and the recipe will probably be on here for you to create it yourself. I don’t use ox or packet cake mixes, bread mixes, or frosting mixes. I don’t use pre-prepped chilled breads, pastries or sauces. Everything is ‘from scratch’.

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you visit again to join me in this adventure.

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