eggnog fudge truffles

Eggnog Fudge Truffles

This recipe was originally developed to go in my 2015 Christmas Edible Gift hamper. This one was a new fudge flavour for me. I figured that since Eggnog is largely cream, one of the main components of fudge, that it would work very well. It did. Using ready made eggnog is easier, but you can make your own if you prefer. If you are not familiar with eggnog, it is a festive milk drink, popular Read more […]

The Walking Bread

The Walking Bread – coming soon!

Ladies and Gents, as those who know me personally will attest, I am a HUGE fan of The Walking Dead. I am also a fan of bread, so imagine my delight and wonder when I heard about the forthcoming book from the same people that brought you Baking Bad and Game of Scones – THE WALKING BREAD! Chock full of post apocalyptic recipes inspired by key moments in the series, such as Carol’s Tough Nut Cookies Read more […]

Slow Cooker BBQ Pulled Pork

Slow Cooker BBQ Pulled Pork

It was a rainy Saturday this weekend, and hubby and I had a few errands to run. I couldn’t face coming home after a busy day then having to prep a warming evening meal. It’s days like this is when a slow cooker really comes in handy. This pulled pork recipe requires mere moments of preparation, then the slow cooker does the rest of the work. If your joint of pork comes with a rind, it is better Read more […]

Spelt and Flax Seed Pancakes

Spelt and Flaxseed Pancakes

In an effort to keep an eye on my blood sugar, I have been trying to reduce my sugar intake, but also looking for substitutes to those other ingredients that are notorious for spiking blood sugar levels. One such ingredient is wheat. I love bread, and pastry and cookies and cakes, so trying to find a wheat flour alternative was my first challenge. After a bit of reading, I discovered that spelt Read more […]

Apple and Blackberry Spelt Crumble

Apple and Blackberry Spelt Crumble

Finally, after what seems like a horrendously long summer, we are starting to see the promise of cooler autumn days. I am sure many of you mourn the loss of summer, but not me. I love the scents, colours, clothes of autumn, but most of all, I love the food. Now the days are colder, thoughts turn to warm and comforting food – especially desserts. I went to the local nature reserve and managed to Read more […]

I'm Back

I’m back!

So, it’s been a while… I realise that it has been about a year since I posted regularly, but I thought I would let you all know that I intend to start posting again. The reasons I have taken the time off are many and varied, but essentially health related. Not least one of which was osteoarthritis in my hands. I underwent an operation last year to remove a small bone from my left hand and I have Read more […]