All About Squash

History What are Squash? Common Varieties How to peel a squash How to clean squash seeds Recipes History Pumpkins and squash are believed to have originated in the ancient Americas. Archeologists have determined that variations of squash and pumpkins were cultivated along river and creek banks along with sunflowers and beans. This took place long before…


All About Butter

History Regional Differences European USA Types of butter Sweet cream Cultured Clarified Ghee Spreadable Make Your Own Butter History Butter’s origins go back about 10,000 years to the time when our ancestors first began domesticating animals. The earliest butter would have been made from sheep or goat’s milk; cattle weren’t domesticated for another thousand years….


All About Sugar

Terminlogy How is Sugar made? Sugars White Sugars Brown Sugars Liquid Sugars As a child, I developed quite a sweet tooth. As I grew older, I discovered the dark side to sugar. It has little nutritional value but adds calories to our diet and rots our teeth. So why do we love it so?  You…


All About Flour

I got asked the other day to explain the differences between plain flour and bread flour, as a colleague had been confused by the variety on the shelf in the supermarket. I got to thinking (dangerous I know!) that those new to baking may find the choices daunting, and even if you have been baking…