Apple Pear Crisps

Spiced Apple and Pear Crisps

We have a few fruit trees in the garden. An apple tree of indeterminate variety, a Victoria plum, a Quince and finally a Conference Pear tree. The pear tree has branches fully loaded this year.I can’t say that this is my favourite variety of pair, but the tree was established when we bought the property….

Parmesan and Sage Palmiers

My husband’s office at work have  recently started having a monthly bake-off… although, I gather that there are not really any winners or losers, they do pick a theme. Fed up of just eating the entries, he decided to contribute, so when told me the theme was cheese, he asked for a suggestion. While he…

Mummy sausages

Mummy Sausages

A little twist on the party favourite ‘pig in a blanket’ for your Halloween buffet. Take one packet of pork chipolata sausages Roll out a sheet of puff pastry, and using a pastry wheel cut into thin strips about 1cm wide. Lightly wet one side of the pastry to help it stick. Wrap each sausage…

Mini mummy pizzas

Mini Mummy Pizzas

Mini mummy pizzas are really simple to make, and great item to add to your Halloween buffet. Take one packet of English Muffins and cut each muffin in half. These will form the base of your mini pizzas Smooth a layer of tomato purée over the top of each muffin. Take some slices of mature…

Slimy worms in a bun

Slimy Worms in a Bun

An excellent addition to your Halloween buffet – but be warned – some cause nausea! In fact, my husband took one look at these and said he couldn’t face eating one, even though he loves hotdogs! Take a packet of cold hot dogs. With a sharp knife, cut length ways, then cut each length again…

Witches Fingers

Witches’ Fingers

A brilliant accompaniment to a Bloody Eyeball Soup or as part of your Halloween buffet. Make up a batch of the Pretzel recipe below. Instead of forming them into the common pretzel shape, form them into small sausages, slightly longer then your longest finger. Boil in water and bicarbonate of soda as normal, then place…