pumpkin tortellini

Pumpkin and Cheese Tortellini

Knowing how to make your own pasta is a useful skill to have. You can roll it out with a rolling pin, but your life will be so much easier with a pasta roller. You can get ones that clamp to your worktop, or ones that attach to a mixer. The latter involves far less…

Apple Pear Crisps

Spiced Apple and Pear Crisps

We have a few fruit trees in the garden. An apple tree of indeterminate variety, a Victoria plum, a Quince and finally a Conference Pear tree. The pear tree has branches fully loaded this year.I can’t say that this is my favourite variety of pair, but the tree was established when we bought the property….

Beef Jerky

Beef Jerky

About 12 months ago, I bought a dehydrator so that I could dry iced cookies quicker in order to get on that all important second layer of detail. I justified the expense (which wasn’t that huge actually) to my husband saying that we could also use to it to dry bananas (he loves the chewy…

Italian Sausage Rigatoni Bake

Italian Sausage and Spinach Rigatoni Bake

I am very fortunate where I live to have a fantastic butcher who makes a wonderful range of sausages and black pudding. I love sausages so when I am passing, I like to stop by and buy a few sausages to stock up the freezer. One thing they don’t do, however, is Italian Sausage. I…

Teriyaki Pork Belly and Sweet Potato

Teriyaki Pork Belly and Sweet Potato

Things have taken quite a leap forward in the Mutherfudger kitchen. All the painting is done, the kitchen has been installed, and this week, the flooring went down. We have been kept busy for big chunks of the weekend for several weeks now. This means that a dinner that is simple to put together is…

Marinara Sauce

I truly believe that marinara sauce is one of those things you should always have in the house. It is so versatile. You can use it straight up with some wholemeal pasta, throw a few meatballs or prawns in it, or fry up some minced beef and it makes a good bolognaise or lasagne sauce….