I took a cake to my mum last weekend, as it was her birthday. Last year, I made her one with a Welsh dragon on to celebrate her heritage, and this year I decided to stick with the same theme. My mother has liked dragons for as long as I can remember. She has 100s of dragon ornaments, jewellery, and pictures. She has been enamoured of dragons long before Game of Thrones made them popular again.

I made a large quantity of Victoria sponge flavoured with lemon zest and juice, and baked it in a pan I bought from ThinkGeek. I then filled it with raspberry jam. I wanted to cover the cake in fondant, but this would mean losing the detail from the cake pan. I had this idea that if after the cake had cooled, I shaved off a thin layer, covered it in buttercream and fondant, then pressed the pan down over the top to transfer the detail to the fondant.

It didn’t work.

What I was left with was a rather lumpy looking cake covered in fondant, with next to no detail. It was time to practice some fondant modelling. Using the cake pan as a reference, I added some detail. The dragon quickly started to develop before me, and became a unique creature to that of the cake pan. For instance, my lady has spines on her back.

After I had finished modelling the white marshmallow fondant, I painted it with gel paste diluted with vodka. Once dried, a little brush of some bronze lustre dust over the dragon’s body, and I was done.

EDITED TO ADD: This cake has featured on Reddit, Buzzfeed Food and Bored Panda – yet not one of them has given me credit. If you want to show this picture, please link back to this post.

Dragon Cake

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