Fox Spirit are a relatively new genre publisher that despite being small, has made a mighty splash in the world of SFF and Horror.

One of their currently open calls is for a recipe book with a twist. Rather than the usual twee introduction to a recipe, Fantastic Treats will contain a short fiction story featuring the recipe it proceeds. All profits will go to Cancer Research UK.

Interested in submitting? Here are the details.

They are seeking submissions of a flash or short story (between 500-3000 words), along with a related dessert or treat recipe. It can be sweet or savoury, take the form of a pudding, cookies, cake, petit fours – whatever you like.  You can submit up to three recipes/stories. If your recipe is substantially based on an existing one please let us have the credit detail for the original. The stories can be sci fi, fantasy, horror or crime. Collaborations are perfectly acceptable. If you have a recipe, team up with someone for the story.

As this is for charity, all authors with a story accepted will receive a copy of the book. The book is being edited by Andrew Reid.

This is an extremely worthwhile cause, and a fantastic idea. If you have a recipe you love, then put down your apron and wooden spoon for a spell, and pick up a pen (or laptop) and get writing!

Send your submissions to adele @ titled ‘cookbook submission‘.

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